La Colectiva at Tuli & Savu – multilingual and experimental poetry club

Kansallisteatterin Lavaklubi

“What kind of effects does multilingualism have on poetry? Where are the new borders of poetry to be found these days?

Welcome to celebrate the publication of the latest Tuli&Savu magazine with the theme of multilingual and experimental poetry!
This year for this edition of Runokuu Literature Festival the theme “Roots/Juuret” will be explored by La Colectiva: Martina Adela Miño, Rosamaria Bolom, Ana Gutieszca and Roxana Crisologo, with their performance: Radikaali Sekoitus // Mixtas y Radicales.

“Roots often grow underneath, beneath our sight, and expand beyond our own conception of identity. Our work is a more than anything an exercise of excavation and anatomization of the journeys our roots have undertaken as women and as immigrants in Finland.”

La Colectiva will collaborate during this performance with the Finnish translator Anne Ketola.

Beside La Colectiva will be on stage: Vappu Kannas, Olli Aarni, Tania Nathan, Hertell, Norvio & Rinne.

We warmly thank Koneen Säätiö – Kone Foundation and Kari Mattilan Säätiö for your kind support to La Colectiva.

This event is part of Runokuu Literature Festival 2018. Here facebook event.

Yhteistyössä Tuli & Savu, La Colectiva.

Free entry!