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Picture: Joanna Lindén-Montes

Roxana Crisólogo Correa (Lima, Peru, 1966) is a Peruvian-Finnish poet, cultural activist and traveller living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She has published four poetry books: Abajo sobre el cieloAnimal del caminoLudy D and Trenes.

Crisólogo is the founder of ‘Sivuvalo: Is this Finnish literature? The aim of this multilingual literature project is to promote literature by poets and writers with immigrant backgrounds. Sivuvalo was made possible by the support of Kone foundation for three years.

Currently Crisólogo works as coordinator in Finland for Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange, a literature project engaged in creating networks for immigrant language writers in the Nordic region.

Crisólogo’s poetry presents power relations in everyday life in the post capitalist era. She rewrites general stories by including traditionally silenced voices to decolonize poetry in order to construct new epic with new heroes. Identity is a field in conflict and Crisólogo explores the transition to transnational identities through migration experiences.
Rompehielos and MacChupicchu are her last poetry collections, still unpublished.