Lymy Aperitivo vol. 3 – La Colectiva

18:00 – 22.00
Pengerkatu 6, FI-00530
Helsinki, Suomi

Lymy continues its series of monthly Aperitivo nights. We gather once a month to meet each other and enjoy wine and interesting conversation. Start your weekend with us at Lymy! Cash is queen. ♥

Our first guests of the autumn is La Colectiva. La Colectiva is Roxana Crisólogo, Martina Miño, Rosamaría Bolom, Violeta Gutierrez and Ana Gutieszca, five Latin American poets, visual and sound artists based in Helsinki, Finland. They use poetry to experiment its relationship with other forms of language, and communicate contents that have been silenced or underrepresented by the hegemonic voices that define marginality and the peripheries. In its first year, La Colectiva has taken its own experiences as workers of culture and immigrants who seek to wave their voices from the collectivity and talk about the Latin American community in Finland. Their experience has inspired them to talk about themes such as “origin” and “destination”, “ home”, and the different faces identity can have.

Since the 1970’s the Latin American cultural motor in Finland is powerful but, what is exactly happening inside it? What content is being shaped from within? What motivates it and how are different voices in dialogue with each other?

You are warmly welcome to come and hear more about La Colectiva and spend a wonderful evening at Lymy!