Azzie Youssefi and Roxana Crisólogo in Mural paintings by José Di Gregorio



Artist José Di Gregorio finished these walls for Helsinki Urban Art and Museum of Impossible Forms last May 26th, in the Pasila district in Helsinki, Finland.

“Depicted are two strong, inspiring, incredible women bridging together from the still of nothingness to the pulse of vibrancy.
On the left is the Peruvian poet and social activist Roxana Crisologo Correa. Currently living in Finland, Roxana has fiercely led the charge to highlight the immigrant plight and Latin experience throughout the Nordic region.
On the right is social activist Azzie Youssefi, a refugee from Iran currently living in California who has confronted unimaginable adversity with poise and dignity, working with agencies like International Rescue Committee”.

This project was organised by Raine Vasquez.  Pictures taken from José Di Gregorio facebook site.