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Sat 27.5.2017 11.00–21.00 Kaisaniemi Park
Sun 28.5.2017 11.00–19.00 Kaisaniemi Park

Artist Martina Miño Pérez and poet Roxana Crisólogo Correa welcome visitors to interact with an installation, to reflect upon lines, landscapes, cartography and the imagined territories of Latin America through the action of drawing, erasing and appropriating.

Through the use of visual poetry and collage, we can all connect with the collective memory of a continent and with an identity that is still being shaped.

Poetry and texts of Roxana Crisólogo, Martina Miño, Rosamaría Bolom and Lalo Barrubia. Translations into English and Finnish by Anne Ketola.

Peruvian poet Roxana Crisólogo Correa (b. 1966) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She is the author of poetry and founder of the Multilingual Literature project Sivuvalo. Crisólogo’s poetry presents power relations in everyday life in the post capitalist era. She rewrites general stories by including traditionally silenced voices to decolonize poetry in order to construct new epic with new heroes.

La patria habia antes de que vos nacieras

Ecuadorian Martina Miño Pérez (b. 1990) is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She is member of the collective Third Space. Martina’s works appear as dreamlike compositions, texts and images, in which meanings shift and the realm of reality is absorbed by fiction. Her work has been exhibited and published in Finland and in Latin America.

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Runoilija Roxana Crisólogo Correa ja taiteilija Martina Miño Pérez kutsuvat festivaaliyleisön osallistumaan installaatioon, jossa vierailijat pääsevät pohtimaan Latinalaisen Amerikan rajoja ja kuviteltuja alueita itse piirtämällä ja pois pyyhkimällä. Visuaaliset runot ja kollaasit kietovat teoksen osaksi kollektiivista muistia ja maanosan yhä muotoutuvaa identiteettiä.

Lisätietoa löytyy Maailma kylässä -festivaali tapahtuman sivustolta.
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La Colectiva

LA COLECTIVA  somos cuatro poetas y artistas latinoamericanas establecidas en Finlandia.  Partimos de la poesía para experimentar con otras formas de lenguaje y comunicar contenidos invisibilizados, silenciados o erróneamente representados por los discursos hegemónicos que definen la marginalidad y las periferias.

Nuestra experiencia como trabajadoras del arte y la cultura y migrantes viviendo en Finlandia nos ha llevado a  cuestionar y repensar conceptos como: Origen y destino, hogar y  la transnacionalidad de la identidad.

Los proyectos que desarrollamos, investigan la complejidad de los movimientos migratorios de las comunidades latinoamericanas en Finlandia. ¿De qué manera se articulan contenidos en nuestra comunidad? ¿ Qué los motiva y cómo las diferentes voces que desarrollan discursos dialogan entre ellas?

– – – – – – –

LA COLECTIVA  is us. Four women. Latin American poets, visual and sound artists based in Helsinki, Finland. We use poetry to experiment its relationship with other forms of language and communicate contents that have been silenced or under represented by the hegemonic voices that define marginality and the peripheries.  Our experience as artists living abroad has inspired us to talk about themes such as “origin” and “destination”, “ home”, and the different faces identity can have.

Our experience as workers of culture and of the arts and immigrants has migratory movements focused on the Latin American community. Since the 1970’s the Latin American cultural motor in Finland is powerful but, what is exactly happening inside it? What content is being shaped from within? What motivates it and how are different voices in dialogue with each other?

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Nordic Multilingual Literature

Nordic Exchange in Literature, NOXLit, is a Nordic multilingual literature project.
Roxana Crisólogo is the Nordic coordinator, Petronella Zetterlund is Project manager of NOXLit and Network Coordinator Sweden and Sacramento Roselló is Research Coordinator and Network Coordinator Denmark. Visit NOXLit website.

As part of the strategy to put attention on the multilingual diversity of Nordic literature, NOXLit organizes readings and talks, and provides translations into the main languages of the Nordic region as well as translations of main language writers into foreign languages to help project it internationally with help from the international writers in the region. 

On the webpage and at our events, NOXLit presents what we consider good literature, regardless of the language it’s originally written in, with the aim to connect the different literatures of the region and to create mixed audiences. 
Creating spaces through literature where we can meet and get to know each other across and beyond any bounderies and frontiers.

By Martina Miño

NOXLit organizes readings and toalks, and provides translations into the main languages of the Nordic region as well as translations of main language writers into foreign languages to help project it internationally with help from the international writers in the region.




Read Sivuvalo Manifesto

“Around 2008—a moment of accelerated societal change in Finland—the emergence of a cultural scene in non-official languages instilled the idea of what would later become Sivuvalo. The Peruvian-Finnish poet Roxana Crisólogo set out to document the presence of foreign artists and writers who brought along a pre-existing body of work and created new art for a new home country. The association’s name was coined in this stage and represents those early efforts to foster a literary scene in other languages additional to Finnish and Swedish.

The organization of multilingual events offered a first means of entry for many incoming writers. The book fair Maailman kirjat opened its doors for many readings featuring Latin American literature. This stage was also marked by the collaboration with the Sweden-based project Poesia con C, which translated some of these writers into Swedish.

In 2013 Sivuvalo was awarded a working grant by Kone Foundation, which would be renewed for the two following years.” Took from Sivuvalo Platform website. Check the whole texte here

Sivuvalo currently aims to create a network spanning the Nordic countries. It has also begun a more intense promotion of Finnish poetry abroad and focus in traslation and writing process.
Currently Sivuvalo board is composed by José Luis Rico as chair, Roxana Crisólogo as vice chair and Anne Ketola as secretary. 

Poéticas visuales de la resistencia


Poéticas visuales de la resistencia.
Visual Poetics of Resistance, Lima, 2007, is a compilation of Peruvian videopoetry curated by Karen Bernedo and produced by Roxana Crisólogo. Cover art: Jorge Miyagui.

Auspiciado por el Programa Democracia y Transformación Global
Watch the whole videos here.