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Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange

  NolitchX, Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange, is a literature project and a network with writers in the Nordic region that creates in immigrant languagesas well as in the main Nordic languages. NolitchX is supported… Sigue leyendo

Sivuvalo. Onko tämä suomalaista kirjallisuutta?

Founder of Sivuvalo. Onko tämä suomalaista kirjallisuutta? Is this Finnish literature? a multilingual literature project that aims to make visible the point of view and works of immigrant language poets and writers based… Sigue leyendo

Karu kartonera

Karu Kartonera is an independent Editorial project founded by Roxana Crisólogo and Johanna Suhonen in Helsinki, Finland, 2010. In its second period  that begun in 2016, Karu is part of Sivuvalo editorial project that during… Sigue leyendo

Poéticas visuales del exilio

  Poéticas Visuales del exilio, Visual Poetics of Exile, Lima, 2009, is a sample of Peruvian videopoetry curated by Karen Bernedo and directed by Roxana Crisólogo. Auspiciado por el Programa Democracia y Transformación… Sigue leyendo

Poéticas visuales de la resistencia

    Poéticas visuales de la resistencia. Visual Poetics of Resistance, Lima, 2007, is a compilation of Peruvian videopoetry curated by Karen Bernedo and produced by Roxana Crisólogo. Cover art: Jorge Miyagui. Auspiciado… Sigue leyendo