Roxana Crisólogo Correa (Peru/Finland) is a poet and cultural producer, who has also studied international law. She lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Crisólogo has published four poetry books: Abajo sobre el cieloAnimal del caminoLudy D and Trenes. Her collection of poems is translated to German and published under the title Eisbrecher (Hochroth Verlag, Berlín, 2017). The publisher Ediciones Libros del Cardo in Chile reissued her work Trenes in 2019. Her new collection of poems,  Kauneus – La belleza, will shortly be released by the independent publishing house Filodecaballos in Mexico.

Roxana Crisólogo Correa established Sivuvalo Platform in 2013 and works now as its coordiator. Sivuvalo is a multilingual cultural project, which aims at creating visibility for literature written in other languages than Finnish and Swedish.  Another purpose is to bring forward the rights of multilingual writers in Finland.

Nordic Exchange in Literature is a project she coordinates in Finland. It focuses on directing attention to multilingual literature in the Nordic countries by arranging translations, discussions, investigations and public readings.

Crisólogo is also the chairman of Kiila, the leftist association for writers and artist. She is a member of  Somos La Colectiva, a group for women poets and artists settled in Helsinki.  Through poetry they study different forms of language with contents that hegemonic texts usually distort, silence or conceal.

The Finnish institutions  Koneen säätiö, Kirjallisuuden vientiorganisaatio FILI, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Kari Mattila Säätiö and Suomen Kulttuurirahasto have supported Crisólogos projects and literary work.