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Roxana Crisólogo Correa | Photo: Joanna Lindén-Montés

Roxana Crisólogo Correa (Peru/Finland) is a poet and cultural producer with a degree in law. She has published poetry books: Abajo sobre el cielo (Lima, 1999), Alhaalla taivaan yllä (Kääntöpiiri, Helsinki, 2001),  Animal del camino (Lima, 2000), Ludy D (Lima, 2006) and Trenes (Mexico City, 2010). In Chile, Ediciones Libros del Cardo reissued Trenes in 2019. A collection of her poems appeared in German under the title Eisbrecher (Hochroth Verlag, Berlin, 2017). Sotto sopra il cielo (Italy 2021) is the name of an anthology of her poetry translated into Italian by Alessandro Seri and Tizziana Pucciarelli.

Kauneus (a belleza) (Lima, 2021) is her last poetry book.

She is the translator into Spanish of the Finnish poetry anthologies  Prohibido caminar con niños (Sweden, POESIAconC 2010) and Los abejorros zumban en la ventana (Argentina, Erizo editora 2013). Roxana has translated Naku a poetry book by Kati Neuvonen published in many Latin American literary magazines.

In 2013, Roxana established Sivuvalo Platform and worked as its coordinator until January 2022. Curretly she is Sivuvalo vice chair.

Roxana was one of the coordinators of Nordic Exchange in Literature, an organization dedicated to the translation, discussion, and research of multilingual literature in the Nordic countries.

She was the chairman of Kiila, Finland’s Leftist Writers and Artists Association until December 2020, and she is a member of Somos La Colectiva, a group of women poets and artists based in Helsinki.

Roxana’s projects and literary work has received support form Finnish institutions Koneen säätiö, Kirjallisuuden vientiorganisaatio FILI, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Kari Mattila Säätiö and Suomen Kulttuurirahasto.

She lives and works in Helsinki.