Read Sivuvalo Manifesto

“Around 2008—a moment of accelerated societal change in Finland—the emergence of a cultural scene in non-official languages instilled the idea of what would later become Sivuvalo. The Peruvian-Finnish poet Roxana Crisólogo set out to document the presence of foreign artists and writers who brought along a pre-existing body of work and created new art for a new home country. The association’s name was coined in this stage and represents those early efforts to foster a literary scene in other languages additional to Finnish and Swedish.

The organization of multilingual events offered a first means of entry for many incoming writers. The book fair Maailman kirjat opened its doors for many readings featuring Latin American literature. This stage was also marked by the collaboration with the Sweden-based project Poesia con C, which translated some of these writers into Swedish.

In 2013 Sivuvalo was awarded a working grant by Kone Foundation, which would be renewed for the two following years.” Took from Sivuvalo Platform website. Check the whole texte here

Sivuvalo currently aims to create a network spanning the Nordic countries. It has also begun a more intense promotion of Finnish poetry abroad and focus in traslation and writing process.
Currently Sivuvalo board is composed by José Luis Rico as chair, Roxana Crisólogo as vice chair and Anne Ketola as secretary.